Having Osaka Seikei Gakuen (Higashi Yodogawa-ku, Osaka), the founding corporation, as the parent school,the collage established the Department of Sports in 1963 at Osaka Seikei Women's Junior College, which became the predecessor of this college. While many excellent personnel have been produced in the sports field, the college was transformed into a 4-year university in 2003, in order to meet various needs of society for sports, and "Biwako Seikei Sport College" was born in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture (former Shiga-machi,Shiga-gun). The college increased its enrollment limit 5 years after opening and added a graduate school in April 2012.

Date Biwako Seikei Sport College / History
April 2003 Opening of the Department of Sports of Biwako Seikei Sport College
(Kitahira, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture)
April 2007 Change in the enrollment limit for the Department of Sports of Biwako Seikei Sport College
April 2012 Opening of the graduate school of Biwako Seikei Sport College

Spirit of Study

One phrase from classical Chinese literature, "Tori-Seikei," embodies the spirit of study of our school, meaning "Peach and prunes do not talk at all; however, because of their beautiful flowers and sweet fruits, people gather together, making a passage surely and naturally appear underneath those trees." We interpret the phrase to mean "In a similar manner for humans, those with virtue and kindness naturally gather people around them to love." The school has set an educational goal of attaining the heart of "Chujo," while succeeding in the spirit of study. The expression, the heart of "Chujo," means "to be faithful at all times and think and act by stepping into other peopleユs shoes," which is the specific action guideline of the school.

Faculties and Departments

Faculties and Departments

Faculties and Departments

Introduction to Courses

Outdoor Sports Course

Any kind of natural environments, such as mountains, oceans, or lakes, are the field for leaning. This course is aimed at fostering rich sensitivities and personal growths of students by direct experiences to face self, nature, and peers. This course fosters expertise on planning/managing/leading effective outdoor sports, education activities, along with competencies to relate with people and the nature in a positive way in society.

Community Sports Course

Sport For All is aimed at Community Sports Course. That is promote all kinds of sports, that are enjoyed by children, adults, elderly, as well as those that are disabled. The course develops specialists who have acquired the knowledge and execution capability required to actively participate in order to support citizen who can promote sports in the community.

Sport and Physical Education Course

This course is designed to develop specialists in physical education through mock lessons and the development of teaching materials and methods. Students will acquire execution skills through a curriculum emphasizing theoretical aspects such as physical education course theory and class analysis evaluation methods. The course content is designed to impart physical education teachers with execution skills targeting actual situations.

Training / Health Course

Students will learn training methods suitable for all ages in order to engage in safe and effective training and to maintain health, at the same time deepening their understanding of physiology, nutrition, and medicine. The great advantage is that can practice and experience what you have learned in the course, by yourself or through practical training with your mates.

Coaching Course

"Coaching" refers not only to the teaching of a specific competitive sport but also to techniques used in promoting pro-active behavior by all participants. The course will incorporate theory and practice to develop human resources capable of showing leadership in society.

Sport Business Course

In the sport business course, we consider sports as valuable products and attempt to explore the value of sports from business disciplines such as management, marketing, and public relations. This course provides students a variety of programs including a sport business study abroad program to New York City.

Sport Intelligence and Strategy Course

The analysis of useful information such as movements, psychology, strategies, and behavioral patterns in sports, will be applied to help fulfill and improve a competitive career. This course will foster abilities in order to provide scientific analytical abilities and analysis results back to the sports field, as useful information, and furthermore, curriculums with the purpose of approaching the most updated coaching theories will be offered.


Outdoor Sports Course

Outdoor Sport Program

You will understand the basic concepts of the outdoor sport programs and outdoor education that are being developed in accordance with the purpose, natural environments, and needs of targeted people. You will learn about theories and practical cases, by incorporating adventure education, and environmental education, outdoor therapeutic programs, as typical outdoor sport programs.

Advanced Field Plactice I & II (camping/waterfront)

Field practice will take place over 7 days 6 nights in the expedition format at several extensive outdoor sport fields. Your competence as an outdoor sports expert will be enhanced through adventure programs such as a 2-day 1-night trekking including solo, a 40km walking, a 2-day sea kayaking, an 90km overnight walking and, mountain biking.

Community Sports Course

Community Health and Sport

The first half of this course deals with ageing, a decline in skeletal muscles and changes in V02 max (maximal aerobic capacity), infant obesity, and eating disorders, and the second half with exercises to prevent these occurring. In the final stage, students will prepare a report on the current state of affairs and issues of community health by visiting local governments, sports centers, and facilities providing services promoting health.

Communal and Sport

Community people can only continue to enjoy various sports if they have the proper environment. In this course, students will learn how to create the required environment from the standpoint of comprehensive community sports clubs, a range of community sports, and lifelong sports.

Sport and Physical Education Course

Seminar in Development of Teaching Materials (Individual sport)

This course provides basic knowledge related to developing teaching materials and the skills needed to utilize these materials. With regard to individual sports, students will participate in group discussions and practice sessions to learn how to create specific materials needed to achieve the course objectives and to set-up the proper learning environment.

Practicum of Physical Education I

Students will undergo hands-on training in micro-teaching and mock lessons to enhance their skills in preparing physical education lessons. They will participate in physical education lessons at local primary and junior high schools, in conjunction with classroom observation and analysis.

Training / Health Course

Systematic Development in Sport Medicine

This course will help students learn how to utilize the study of sports physiology, physical training methods, and biomechanics to study the process of the creation of themes and methods, implementation of research, data processing, and presentations. Classroom sessions will assist in the acquisition of problem-solving techniques and basic preparation for graduation theses.

Advanced Practicum of Development in Sport Medicine II

Students will practice yoga-style floor exercises to learn body alignment combining elements of yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, ballet, and swimming with circular motions and breathing patterns, resulting in dramatically improved posture.

Coaching Course

Basic Seminar in Coaching

This is an intensive course designed to impart fundamental coaching skills. Through guidance, discussion, and symposiums, students will learn the "knowledge", "attitude", and "motivation" required for coaching, leading to an ability to be pro-active.

Lecture of Advanced Coaching

Students and teaching staff will work together in discussing the theory and practice of coaching as well as dealing with a range of problems related to current competitive sports and athletes. Through this seminar, students will enhance "practical ability" that will be useful to become a leader in human society.

Sport Business Course

Seminar in Sport Business

In order to solve a number of questions on sports businesses, our students learn the purpose and process of writing a thesis paper. Collecting and analyzing data from spectators at professional sporting events, they attempt to make sure if their ideas are valid and practically meaningful in the business field.

Study Abroad Program to New York City

Seeing and believing. As a sport business major student, he/she understands various customer acquisition and retention strategies that are used by the major sport teams in New York City. The students attempt to experience the atmosphere, excitement, and passion of successful marketing programs and practices that are kept up to date with the latest sport business in Big Apple.

Sport Intelligence and Strategy Course

Sport Counseling

The connection between sport and mind will be understood indepth, by knowing athletes' distress, mainly in cases of sports players. Sometimes students may encounter the dark side of athletes during the class and face a world they have never known, which may be startling but also a new discovery at the same time.

Basic Seminar in Sport Intelligence

This subject will be taught by 4 teachers specializing in sports information strategy, in the form of an omnibus. Because this will be a valuable opportunity to be exposed to the latest topics in the sports field in which each specially trained teacher is specialized, all students take the class very seriously.

Common courses

Information Processing

The basics of information processing, essential as a university student, will be acquired, through document processing to efficiently write reports or graduation thesis, and making spreadsheets required for data analysis, as well as creating HTML or a simple Web site.

Freshman Seminar

For the purpose of enhancing learning effectiveness, strengthening the relationships among students and between students and teachers and creating a community of learning, you will "write" an essay which "tells about" sports and attend co-operative learning.